• The Risks of Fake News: Travis I. Trammell & Elisabeth Paté-Cornell

    “We need an informed electorate for the health of the US democracy.”

    Lt. Col. Travis I. Trammell worked with Stanford Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell to analyze the risks of fake news and create a management decision model to combat disinformation. We discuss the national security risks posed by fake news from other nation states, the kind of influence campaign to expect in 2020, and the most effective countermeasures.

  • The Truth Sandwich: George Lakoff

    "You always start with the truth."

    George Lakoff is an emeritus professor of cognitive science and linguistics at UC Berkeley whose research includes the language of politics in which we reside. We discuss the importance of framing the truth first, his famous “truth sandwich,” and why the press is critical to a functioning democracy.

  • Post-Truth: Lee C. McIntyre

    “Post-truth is pre-fascism.”

    Lee C. McIntyre is the author of Post-Truth and a Research Fellow at the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University. We discuss what post-truth means and where it started, what the function of fake news is, and how propaganda plays a role in subordinating a population.

  • Authoritarianism Under COVID-19: Thomas O. Melia

    “The truth will come out here. We know that.”

    Thomas O. Melia is the Washington Director of PEN America, a non-profit organization that champions free speech and defends the liberties that make it possible. We talk about authoritarians worldwide consolidating power under cover of COVID, the ever-encroaching surveillance state, and the public perception of Trump’s pandemic response.

  • Bonus Covid Episode: Democracy Group

    “COVID, the pandemic … has really brought to bear not just the inequities and the inequalities, but also the necessity to have a much more active sense of democracy as a verb — democracy as an action that we can all be part of.”

    Recently, Mila sat down with other podcast hosts from our podcast network The Democracy Group, to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on our democracy, vulnerable populations, and more.

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Future Hindsight is a weekly podcast seeking to spark civic engagement, inspire hope, and reinvigorate our social contract.

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  • Russia’s Chaos Doctrine

    This week we are looking at fake news from the perspective of national security. (Spoiler alert: it makes us all less safe in several ways). We spoke with Lt. Col. Travis Trammell and Stanford Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell about the ways it destabilizes our democracy, and how our enemies use it against us. Future Hindsight ·...

  • George Lakoff’s Truth Sandwich

    As we move deeper into our tenth season, we want to make sure we’re providing solutions, not just discussing problems. Last week, we saw how the erosion of truth leads to fascism with Lee McIntyre. This week, we talked with world-famous linguist and professor George Lakoff about how we can all preserve the truth, and...

  • From Nicotine to Post-Truth

    We kicked off our 10th season this week looking at the term “post-truth” with Lee McIntyre, a philosophy professor and author based in Boston. He gave us an eye-opening glimpse into the history of the term, what we can expect in the future, and how we can counter the harmful erosion of basic facts. His...

  • Trump’s Authoritarian Tactics During COVID-19

    For our latest episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with PEN America’s Washington Director, Thomas O. Melia. We discussed authoritarian power-grabs happening across the globe as COVID-19 rages on, and what’s going on here in the US. Check out Mila’s interview with Tom here: By now, Trump’s authoritarian tendencies are well-known. Cozying up...

  • 5 Ways to Stay (Civically) Active During COVID-19

    If you haven’t figured out that we’re all about concrete actions for a better world—you might want to go back and listen a little more closely to our interviews. You can find all of them over on our episodes page! (Hint hint.) If you’re like us, quarantine is hard because we’re supposed to stay home,...

  • Future Hindsight’s Look at Nuclear Power

    We spent most of 2020 (so far) looking at climate change from various angles and talking to some of the world’s most passionate activists, scientists, and public policy experts about how we can create a green future. Many of our guests agree that the technology is there, and political will is the main obstacle we...

  • How the Romans’ Favorite Food Went Extinct

    As a species, humans are alarmingly adroit at wiping out floras and faunas who sit lower on the food chain. This is not a new phenomenon. We famously ate all the wooly mammoths, giant sloths, and giant flightless birds wherever we found them. More recently, our diets and the invasive species we brought with us...

  • Combating Extreme Poverty During COVID-19

    We usually stick to a strict schedule of releasing episodes on Friday, but this week COVID-19 disrupted even that. For the last month, pervasive coverage of the virus has superseded almost all else. Despite the non-stop rigmarole, often overlooked groups of Americans—who currently bear the brunt of the disease—are still ignored. The virus disproportionately impacts...

  • Why the Census is Important

    This week we’re taking a break from our climate change content in our blogs—but we still have an excellent episode for you to listen to! You can check out our interview with nuclear power advocate and Professor Joshua Goldstein right here: This week, we’re talking about one of the critical parts of our democracy: the...

  • Why Do We Still Use Coal?

    As we heard from Jojo Mehta, the co-founder of Stop Ecocide, companies aren’t going to magically change their ways to save the world unless we literally force them to do it. Check out her interview with Mila here: Last week, we heard from Leah Stokes, who broke down how companies and utilities in the energy...

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