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Mila’s Podcast Magazine Feature

Earlier this month, our host and executive producer Mila Atmos sat down with Lisbeth A. Tanz of Podcast Magazine for a look inside her journey as a podcaster and the ideals that inspire Future Hindsight.

For us at Future Hindsight, podcasting is very much a form of civic engagement, and Mila strongly believes that inspiring others to act is key to an informed democracy. Unfortunately, in today’s frenzied media environment, finding passionate, nuanced answers to many of America’s pressing issues can be overwhelming. Mila’s aim with Future Hindsight was to find the right people and ask the right questions—providing succinct, authoritative information on a slew of subjects ranging from poverty to climate change to education reform and beyond.

“The people I interview are already civically engaged. I call them ‘citizen changemakers’ as they can really speak about their journey and how they understand the issues which is normally so much deeper and multifaceted than what you would read in the newspaper or a magazine or even listen to on the radio,” said Mila. “I think it provides a different opportunity to think about the issues beyond what one would read in traditional media outlets.”

Mila also understands that hope engenders change, and although it may not seem like it, hope can be found everywhere. She reasons that if a climate change expert—someone intimately familiar with the minutiae of climate science and the models used to predict our future—can find hope among the warnings, we can too.

Future Hindsight has always been about catalyzing its listeners to get engaged. In order to do so, everyday citizens need to be informed and they need to have a reason to act. We hope that through our interviews we’re providing both of these stimuli and that the future of America and the world will be better for it.

“There are so many Americans who really are fearless for their enthusiasm for their country, and fearless in trying to find solutions to problems they perceive we have,” she notes. “They care, in part, because they believe in American society… And I think they’re right.”

Thanks again to Podcast Magazine and Lisbeth for the awesome write-up. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check them out and subscribe—it’s free!

You can read the rest of the interview with Mila below.

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