Cristóbal J. Alex

October 19, 2018

“It's been pretty profound to see great Latino candidates exploding Latino turnout.”

Cristóbal Alex is the President of Latino Victory, an organization that is augmenting Latino political power by empowering the community’s voters, donors, and candidates. We discuss why it is essential to increase Latino representation in government and how a more inclusive politics benefits all Americans.

Political Power

The proactive strategy of Latino Victory to build political power through elections is a recipe for success. They focus on grooming and training candidates who represent their values, empowering their voters, and developing a pipeline of donors. The proof is in the pudding: great Latino candidates are exploding Latino turnout.


Only about 1% of all elected officials are Latino, although they represent 18% of the U.S. population and are the fastest part of demographic growth. Moreover, most candidates ignore Latinos because half of them live outside of battleground states. The 2016 election changed this dynamic in the way that Prop 187 mobilized Latinos in California in 1994. Four of the most competitive U.S. Senate races in 2018 are in Latino states: Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada.

Latino issues are American issues

Surveys show that Latinos prioritize public policy issues just like most other Americans. Healthcare is on top of the list, followed by a strong economy, good jobs, education, and the environment. Cristóbal Alex emphasized that the Latino Victory Fund could easily be called the American Victory Fund.

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Cristóbal Alex is the President of Latino Victory, an organization that works to grow Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government and building a base of donors to support this critical work.