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The Environmental Impact of COVID-19

Welcome to the Future Hindsight blog, lockdown edition! First and foremost, we hope this post finds you, your family, loved ones, and friends in good health and good spirits. Secondly, we hope this post finds you INSIDE. Seriously, unless you work at a healthcare facility, pharmacy, or grocery store, please just hunker down. Since no…

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Mila’s Podcast Magazine Feature

Earlier this month, our host and executive producer Mila Atmos sat down with Lisbeth A. Tanz of Podcast Magazine for a look inside her journey as a podcaster and the ideals that inspire Future Hindsight. For us at Future Hindsight, podcasting is very much a form of civic engagement, and Mila strongly believes that inspiring others to act is…

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What’s the #1 Guarantee of a Good Education?

During our recent conversation with Daniel Markovits about rampant inequality in America, we were struck by how much education either makes or breaks your future. Because more affluent Americans get access to better education, they’re more likely to go to good colleges, get good jobs, and remain wealthy. Listen to our conversation with Daniel here:…

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What Speech is Unprotected?

When we talked with Suzanne Nossel, the CEO of the PEN America Foundation, we focused on free speech in America, and how it’s under attack in various ways. One interesting thing she said was that there is no actual definition of “hate speech” and that “hateful speech” is a better representation of the kinds of…

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The Impact of Conservative Courts

During our conversation with law professor Robert L. Tsai, we discussed how courts and the judges that sit on them can greatly help or greatly hurt the causes pushing for equality in America. Listen to our interview with him here! One of the most important (and worrying) developments concerning the courts in recent years has…

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Oregon’s Citizens’ Initiative Review

We recently talked with Jane Suiter and David Farrell, who were instrumental in the implementation of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly. The Citizens’ Assembly uses deliberative mini-publics to recommend policies to the Irish Parliament. Listen to our interview with them here! While we were talking, Jane discussed a deliberative democratic initiative happening on the other side…

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Why the US Doesn’t Declare War

Earlier this season, we talked with Stephen Wertheim of The Quincy Institute. During our interview we spent some time discussing the ways in which the US wages war, and how we seem to get ourselves into an awful lot of conflicts without having Congress declare war. So, we thought we’d give a brief overview of…

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4 of Illinois’s Last 7 Governors Were Jailed. Why?

Our newest episode with David Greising of The Better Government Association really opened our eyes to the impact of investigating, and the role that good journalism and concerned citizens play in making sure our policymakers stay honest. Listen to our interview with David Greising here! It’s no secret that Illinois has a problem with corruption,…

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