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A Primer on Sexual Harassment

We often conflate sexual assault and sexual harassment, but they’re quite different things and we should understand the difference. So, when celebrated philosopher Martha Nussbaum stopped by our (virtual) studio recently to discuss her newest book, Citadels of Pride: Sexual Abuse, Accountability, and Reconciliation, she gave us a quick lesson on the differences. “Sexual assault,…

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Want More Equitable Healthcare? Start by Expanding Medicaid

We are not all experiencing the same pandemic.  According to Georges C. Benjamin MD, the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, minorities bear this catastrophe’s brunt by a large margin.  “African-Americans, for example, with this COVID outbreak, are three times more likely to get infected and two times more likely to die,” he…

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Why Social Mobility Matters

Social mobility is a vital part of the generalized American Dream—the act of creating a brighter future for yourself and your family by moving to a higher income class. However, it’s an idea that has become increasingly difficult to translate into concrete results, due to decades of wage stagnation, systemic racism, and increasing income inequality….

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Education and Title VI

The United States has a long and unpleasant history when it comes to Native Americans and education. The long-standing boarding school program severely damaged Indigenous communities; erased millennia-old customs, histories, and languages; and inflicted generational trauma still present in tribes today.  The era of boarding schools is now a thing of the past, but the…

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The End of Welfare: Kathryn Edin (Rebroadcast)

Kathryn Edin is one of the nation’s leading poverty researchers, who works in the domains of welfare and low-wage work, family, and life, through direct, in-depth observations of the lives of low-income populations. We discuss the evisceration of welfare, the rise of destitution, and the absolute necessity of cash in an advanced capitalist society.

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Ending Urban Violence: Thomas Abt

Thomas Abt is a Senior Fellow at the Council on Criminal Justice, and author of Bleeding Out, The Devastating Consequences of Urban Violence–and a Bold New Plan for Peace in the Streets. We talk about why violence must be tackled first, how it is the lynchpin of concentrated urban poverty, and what effective violence reduction strategies should look like.

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The Meritocracy Trap: Daniel Markovits

Daniel Markovits is the author of The Meritocracy Trap as well as Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School. His book places meritocracy at the center of rising economic inequality and social political dysfunction. We talk about how the myth of meritocracy feeds inequality and erodes democracy.

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