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Brook Sayen

Can Alaska’s Permanent Fund Pave for More Social Welfare Funding?

We’re back this week with a brand-new season, which means new blog posts to go with it!  For our first episode of Season 14, we take a look at how we came to be in our current cultural, political, and economic situation. To do this, we turn to Kurt Andersen. Kurt is a writer of…

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3 Ways to Raise Anti-Racist Kids

We live in a society stratified—among other things— by race. Although we’re finally beginning to address the centuries of white supremacy blanketing America’s institutions and culture, there is much to be done.  We often hear the adage, “The children are our future.” It’s corny, but it’s popular because it’s true. We need to raise our…

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Want More Equitable Healthcare? Start by Expanding Medicaid

We are not all experiencing the same pandemic.  According to Georges C. Benjamin MD, the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, minorities bear this catastrophe’s brunt by a large margin.  “African-Americans, for example, with this COVID outbreak, are three times more likely to get infected and two times more likely to die,” he…

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Why Social Mobility Matters

Social mobility is a vital part of the generalized American Dream—the act of creating a brighter future for yourself and your family by moving to a higher income class. However, it’s an idea that has become increasingly difficult to translate into concrete results, due to decades of wage stagnation, systemic racism, and increasing income inequality….

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Implicit Bias and Preschool Expulsion

As we continue our season focusing on systemic racism lurking in unlikely places, Yale researcher and professor Dr. Walter Gilliam provided us with a shocking look at how implicit bias can impact us before we even enter kindergarten.  Dr. Gilliam helped co-author a study exploring how implicit bias impacts teachers’ decisions—and it turned up some…

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Education and Title VI

The United States has a long and unpleasant history when it comes to Native Americans and education. The long-standing boarding school program severely damaged Indigenous communities; erased millennia-old customs, histories, and languages; and inflicted generational trauma still present in tribes today.  The era of boarding schools is now a thing of the past, but the…

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A Brief History of Family Separations at the Southern Border

The Trump Administration oversaw many malicious, destructive policies, but few rankled as much as immigrant child separation. The program began in 2018 as a ‘zero-tolerance policy‘ that soon spun out of control.  Suddenly, anyone who committed the misdemeanor offense of illegally crossing the border was detained and referred for prosecution. The policy removed children from…

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Whole-Worker Organizing

Unions have long been a bastion of the middle-class and are a vital part of American labor. They help raise wages, improve working conditions, and provide much-needed stability for workers in various fields. At a time of increasing worker precarity, unions are engaging in innovative work to address the issues that the most marginalized workers…

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How the New Deal Segregated America

We often think of segregation as a bad policy that ended long ago—a shameful part of our history put far behind us. In reality, segregation continues to shape, where we live, our politics, and even culture. This week Mila was joined by journalist, author, and historian Richard Rothstein. He is the author of The Color…

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Why Does the Right Hate Critical Race Theory?

This week we had the distinct honor of interviewing Mari Matsuda, a co-founder of Critical Race Theory (CRT). In her enlightening conversation with Mila, she laid out a utopian vision of the future, how it might work and how we might get there.  Our conversation happened after the former Trump Administration had publicly denounced CRT…

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